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Robert Schonswar, Sheriff in 1787, and his first wife Janet were parents of George Schonswar, who was Mayor in 1818 and MP in 1830-32.

Robert’s family was Dutch, descended from a supporter of William III. He was a joiner and craftsman, who worked on building the new Trinity House in 1753.

Janet Lundie was from the Forfar area. She married Joseph Lazenby in Dundee in 1755, when she was only 16, and had a daughter Jean the following summer. Soon after they
returned to Joseph’s native Hull, but Joseph died in November 1756, and little Jean/Jane a year later. She and Robert married on in May 1773.

Robert married again a year after Janet's death – an apothecary’s widow, Elizabeth Woodhouse, who brought Ellerker House to the marriage.

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