St John, who is symbolised by the lectern's brass eagle, appears in other places in the church. For example, the Brookes Trinity Window in the south-side of the nave has a pane in the top-right showing St John holding a shield with an eagle on it.

The eagle's claws are shown grasping a brass sphere which is mounted on a heavy graduated octagonal brass column. The inscriptions are on the sphere and also at the base of this column. The reading desk is approached by five wooden steps flanked by a brass rail.  At the foot of the steps a twisted brass column mounted by decorative bosses in a cup flower shape, supports the handrail. The bosses are repeated on the column at the top of the steps where there are also twisted brass brackets holding gas light fittings. Four decorative stair rods hold the carpet in place.

The sphere inscription reads:

This lectern was presented to the/church of the Holy Trinity / In Kingston Upon Hull / Messrs John Parker and George Parker / of the same town Copper merchants / to be used in devout service / and was placed therein in the day of which / the present vicar the Revd John Healey Bromby / completed the 50th year of his incumbency / November 28th 1847

Inscription at base of column at the back reads:

Sacred to the memory of / Mr John Parker / whose remains are interred in / the vault under the altar table of this church
On front of the plinth at the base
George Parker DR L.F.P. (sic)

Original painted design proposed by George Parker to the committee choosing the new furniture.

In 2020 the eagle was fully restored at a cost of over £8000 by a company in London. Because the eagle is now moveable, a new mounting rod and balance and weights had to be put inside to make it stable and secure. All traces of old cleaning fluid and old repairs were removed and it was restored to its original beauty.

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The lectern made and donated by Geroge Parker.

The brass Lectern is in the shape of a large eagle whose out-stretched wings support a fretted brass reading desk. The eagle is the symbol of St John who was thought to have contributed the gospel of the New Testament of the Bible.

The eagle's claws are shown grasping a brass sphere, which is in turn mounted on an octagonal brass column. Both the column and sphere have inscriptions detailing the those involved in the presentation of the lectern in 1847.

In 2020 the eagle was restored at a cost of over £8000 by a company in London.

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