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Merchant of the Staple and Merchant Adventurer, Thomas Dalton was Mayor in 1557, 1560 and 1569. He was also MP 1571-81, together with James Clarkson, but by Jan 1581 both were in failing health. Replacements were elected, but while Clarkson was allowed to continue, Dalton was “incurably sick and diseased” so replaced by Thomas Fleming.
Dalton, however, outlived Clarkson by 5 years, dying in 1590.

He is shown here with his two wives: Ann Walker, a widow with whom he had no children, and Ann Tyrwhit of Kettleby, Lincs., by whom he had 6 sons and 3 daughters. They were originally shown kneeling at the bottom, but have worn off.

Interestingly, Ann Tyrwhit’s father and brother both spent time in prison as Recusants.

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